Profesor Mama – Mama Got Promoted


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Mama thinks she is unfit to be a professor. But, Iman and Nani still do not want to budge. What will they do to convince Mama to agree with the tittle?

Penulis: Fauziah Baharuddin
Jumlah Muka Surat: 52
Jenis Kulit: Paperback
Bahasa: Inggeris
Umur: 4 - 6 Tahun

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    Give Iman & Nani a hand!

    Each series has their own story and issue. In this series Iman & Nani were pondering about Mama. What happen with Mama? Help them solve the problem.

    Discover it with your kids!


  • It’s bonding time!

    Improve your relationship and spend time meaningfully together. Be creative and enjoy the story with joy and laugh.

    It would be such a great moment together!

  • Mama, the queen of our heart!

    If we lose something, it can be replaced unlike Mama. The one and only person who took the special place in our heart.

    We love you, Mama.